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UniOn! is ready to go

The final version of UniOn! is now available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The final version of the UniOn! app is now ready for all the project languages and cultures (Finnish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese) and it is freely downloadable from the stores.

UniOn! will help international and mobility students to make the most of their experiences at the universities of Bologna, Coimbra, Poznań and Rovaniemi.

With UniOn!, discovering the Italian, Portuguese, Polish,and Finnish culture will be much easier and users will be incidentally learning a language too.
The app will help become familiar with the new environment while getting to know useful information about the university, the city and the country.

UniOn can be downloaded following these direct links:

Links to Google Play Store (for Android): Portuguese: Finnish: Italian:

Links to iTunes  (for iOS):
Portuguese: Finnish:

Published on 25 August 2018