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The ILOCALAPP project (Incidentally Learning Other Cultures And Languages through an APP) aims to facilitate student mobility by means of a smart tool specially designed for mobile devices.

The popularity of mobility programmes like Erasmus is growing more and more among youth, but this quantitative trend does not necessarily correspond to the high quality of the experience in terms of growth of proficiency in the language of the country of destination, and consequently in terms of intercultural comprehension and integration in the new environment as well.

The ILOCALAPP  project will face this challenge by developing an app for the incidental learning of 4 cultures and languages: Finnish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.

Following the principles of incidental learning, the acquisition of language and culture will rely on the learners’ participation in the process of knowledge creation, and will happen in a informal setting.

ILOCALAPP will offer to mobility students the possibility to get acquainted with local language and cultural in a smart way, thus enabling them to integrate in and interact with the country hosting them.

The ILOCALAPP idea is stemming from the E-LOCAL project and from its follow-up, E-LOCAL for all.
ILOCALAPP will develop a tool aimed at the removal of cultural barriers, it therefore promotes the integration of students and boosts communication.
The project addresses the needs of mobility students who are the main target users and will be involved in various activities.