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The main tangible result expected on completion of the project is an app for the incidental learning of 4 languages and cultures: Finnish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.

In addition to the finalised product, the APP for the incidental learning of Finnish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese, other results preliminary and/or complementary are expected:

  1. Outline of methodology. This document will include the methodological principles and the ICT specificities to develop language and cultural materials to be used through an app.
  2. Report on students’ needs and expectations. This document will contain an analysis of the results of the on-line questionnaire and the interviews carried out among students to survey their needs and expectations about language and culture learning in a mobile environment.
  3. Map of contents. This document is the list and the description of all the situational experiences which will be contained in the app.
  4. New learning materials. This is the production of the learning materials to be included in the APP. It consists both in the work of adaptation of existing resources (following a careful analysis of the learning materials developed for the E-LOCAL courses in order to re-contextualise them and make them usable with the new tool) as well as in the production of brand new materials. These materials will be transformed and integrated into to the app.

The finalised version of the learning materials and their technical implementation into the app will result from a further two-fold process:

a) Testing (pilot phase). This is the testing of the app by a group of selected students who will be provided with the tool and asked to use it for a defined period of their mobility experience. The piloting will be preceded by a 2-month attendance of the online E-LOCAL courses with the assistance of a tutor. This activity addresses only students who are absolute beginners. The pilot phase will produce a feedback collected through an online form.

b) Revision. After the pilot phase, all necessary adjustments will be carried out both from a content-viewpoint and form the technological side, based on the feedback collected during the piloting. At the end of this revision phase, the finalised product will be delivered.


The UniOn! app for the incidental learning of languages and cultures
The main result of the ILOCALAPP project is UniOn!, an app for the incidental learning of 4 languages and cultures: Finnish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.