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Adam Mickiewicz University

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań is the major academic institution in Poznań and one of the top Polish universities. Its reputation is founded on tradition, the outstanding achievements of the faculty and the attractive curriculum offered to students. In addition to its facilities in Poznań, it has campuses in Gniezno, Kalisz, Piła and Słubice/Franfurt-Oder.

The University currently employs nearly 3,000 teaching staff, including 264 tenured professors, 439 associate professors and 1617 adjunct professors with the Ph.D. title and senior lecturers. The University was founded in 1919 and currently its student population is nearly 49 000 students (over 1000 are international students). Students may choose between 180 possible professional specialisations. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań has bilateral exchange agreements with universities all over the world. Depending on the specifics of the agreement, bilateral exchange students may accomplish part of their degree, choosing appropriate subjects from our educational offer. The main exchange programs: CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies), DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Fulbright Student Program, GFPS (German non-government organization), Erasmus+ Program, Visegrad Foundation.
The mission of the University is to advance knowledge through high quality research and teaching in partnership with business, the professions, public services and other research and learning providers. In 2002-2013 our professors coordinated or were partners in over 40 research projects funded by the European Union Framework Program for Research and Technological Development. AMU is a member of: EUA - European University Association, EUCEN - European University Continuing Education Network, The Compostela Group of Universities, The Santander Group - European University Network, European Chemistry Thematic Network and other European Research Networks.
The University recognises its role as a strategic partner in Central Europe, and therefore aspires to contribute to the region’s economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability. The University prides itself on its achievements and aligns its principles with those of the Great Charter of European Universities. It promotes pro-European ideas and actively participates in the international academic community, seeks to implement joint research and educational programs. It aims to strengthen ties with the European Union Member States and embarks on new initiatives conducive to cooperation with the countries of Europe.
The tradition of philological studies at Adam Mickiewicz University dates back to 1919. During the twenty years of the interwar period and after the year 1945, the Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology became one of the most important centres of literary scholarship, literary criticism and linguistics in Poland. The community of the Faculty undertake tasks which continue the Faculty's research tradition, while not neglecting pioneering or unique undertakings, making them forerunners of the future directions of scientific inquiry and education. Students at the Faculty follow over a dozen study programs and, as the broad range of specialized courses offered keeps expanding, they acquire an up-to-date knowledge of the humanities with much practical value to it. The great research and teaching potential of the institutes and departments of the Faculty makes them very active in international student exchanges. Our teaching priority for the nearest future is to create a wide educational offer for foreign students.
The Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology is one of the fourteen faculties of Adam Mickiewicz University, consists of Institute of Polish Philology, Institute of Classical Philology, Institute of Slavonic Philology, Drama and Theatre Department, Department of Film, Television and New Media, AMU School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students, Ph.D. Studies. Faculty offers BA full time study programs in the following fields: Polish Philology, Central European Philology and History Studies, Theatre Studies, Film Studies, Polish and Classical Philology, Classical Philology, Mediterranean Studies, Slavonic Philology, Balkan Studies and for MA full time study areas: Polish Philology, Theatre Studies, Film Studies, Classical Philology, Mediterranean Studies, Slavonic Philology. The members of Faculty are experienced in leading international projects (annually several) and domestic ones (annually several dozen). Institute of Polish Philology manages the important government project (UDA-POKL04.01.01-00-029/09) and project related to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies (UDA-POKL04.01.01-00-109/13-00).