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Centre for Social Studies (CES)

The Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra is one of the leading research units in the field of social sciences and humanities in Portugal.

It has been an Associate Laboratory of the Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science since 2002, being devoted to research and advanced training. CES currently has 128 researchers, 94 post-doctoral researchers, around 450 PhD students and 45 junior researchers. It is an interdisciplinary centre, hosting around 70 national and international projects.

CES is organized into several thematic research groups. Members of the ILOCALAPP team at CES are part of the research group on “Humanities, Migration and Peace Studies (NHUMEP)”, where cultural and migration studies meet anthropology, sociolinguistics, sociology, history or literary studies. The CES team members hail from different areas of research specialisation, including applied linguistics and sociolinguistics of migration, intercultural and citizenship education.

The innovative research developed at CES is widely disseminated both across academia and for general public, by organizing international conferences and seminars, advanced training courses and summer schools, exhibitions and other outreach activities, such as seminars, workshops and short-term research internships for secondary and higher school students, workshops with technicians and professionals from different sectors, e-learning, etc.

CES is a highly internationalized research centre where students and researchers from all over the world find a rich and dynamic environment of critical thinking in many different scientific areas.