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The project consortium will develop an app for the incidental learning of 4 cultures and languages: Finnish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. Incidental learning implies the learners’ participation in the process of knowledge creation but it takes place without any specific intent to learn.

Through the use of the app developed by the project, mobility students will be involved in an active and autonomous participation in local life which is made possible thanks to a mobile device enhancing real and effective communication. The digital strategy underlying the project focuses on the creation of a tool to be used in informal learning, attractive because able to transcend conventional ideas of language and culture teaching/learning and to present something that feels new, meaningful and 21st century.

The objectives of the ILOCALAPP project are in fact:

  1. to promote the integration of students in the new reality by providing them with a tool easy to be used and attractive;
  2. to boost communication thanks to contents and situational experiences useful for everyday life;
  3. to develop a tool aimed at the removal of cultural barriers, thus improving social and behavioural competences and fostering integration and intercultural dialogue.

The ILOCALAPP project needs to be carried out transnationally because it wants to have an impact on student mobility, i.e. mobility across nations and institutions, and because the objectives that it pursues can be attained only by means of an international cooperation.

The tool which the project will develop makes sense only if it is conceived at European level: it can be produced only through international collaboration and it can be exploited efficiently at international level, through the net of partnerships that the members of the project consortium are part of. Issues such as student mobility, intercultural communication, integration are transnational by definition. Following this perspective, only by taking advantage of a European network it is possible to encourage the best use of results, products and processes.